We are the Authorised Agency and Consignment Agents for all products of MLA Group of India.
We are also Major Stockists for various reputed manufacturers in India.
Below given is the list of products we deal in. Click on any of them to view their specifications and other details.
  Aluminium Stearate Precipitated Silica
  Ammonium Chloride Sodium Meta - Bi - Sulphite
  Calcium Carbonate - Precipitated Sodium Sulphite
  Calcium Chloride Anhydrous Stearic Acid
  Calcium Chloride Fused (Lumps) Talc Powder
  Calcium Chloride Lye Vinyl Resin Imported
  Calcium Chloride (Powder / Lumps) Zinc Carbonate

Calcium Hydroxide (Hydrated Lime)

Zinc Chloride - Technical
  Calcium Stearate Zinc Chloride - Anhydrous
  China Clay - Lavigated / Micronized Zinc Chloride - Liquid
  China Clay - Calcined Zinc Chloride - Solid
  Ethylene Vinyl Acetate ( EVA - 40 ) Zinc Dust
  Hydrated Lime Zinc Oxide - Active
  Hydrated Calcium Silicate Zinc Oxide - White Seal /Plating
  Kaolin Zinc Oxide - Plating
  Magnesium Carbonate Zinc Stearate
  Magnesium Stearate  

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